Acorn summer rolls by Andy Pattenden

(much admired at the UH winter party 2013)

You will need a packet of rice paper, available from south east asian grocers’ shops.You dip them in warm water for about 5 seconds after which they become pliable.
Mix your salad leaves, chopped or not according to your preference. Your can then add other ingredients according to what is available and what you like. I think the addition of some combination of fruit and chopped nuts works quite well though, and there are lots of potential permutations. I used acorn and quince in some of mine.
I usually then add a salad dressing, which is also often made using a flavoured vinegar such as elderberry or blackberry.
Place some of the mixture at the edge of one of the rolls that have been softened in warm water. Fold in the edges and then roll up so that you end up with a fat cigar shape with the salad mixture encased in the rice paper.