Autumn Berries

In Autumn there is an abundance of hips, haws, crabs and sorbs…  On a red berry walk, we look at how to tell them apart, and which ones are edible.





NB although you can eat the red flesh, the yew seed is POISONOUS






Most interesting are the wide range of edible exotic hawthorn fruits.

Further reading:  Wild Food School ® Berried… or Buried! 


Here is a video showing Ray Mears enjoying hawthorns:

Dear fellow haw fans,
After much experimenting Mike & i can assure you that yes, like Ray Mears, you can have fun making some impressive gloopy things with haws, and the mush really does set like a jelly on its own.
But i’m sad to have to relate that whatever we do with the end product it seems to be tough and not very tasty, so i think Ray Mears must just have a very forgiving palate.
Gemma (Oct 2010)


Sat 2 November 2013 at 2pm, meet at / Green Routes site, inside Manor House entrance to Finsbury Park, N4

Sat 15 Sep 2012 at 1pm, meet at entrance to Alexandra Park, here. Near junction of Muswell Hill, Park Rd & Priory Rd. Buses 144, W3, W7.
Then back to local venue for tea and sampling session. We’ll have some books to look at for identification.