Edible Flowers – June

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We hold an Edible Flower Celebration every June.
Jun 2013: Edible Flower celebration, Regents Park(Let us know if you ever fancy hosting it.)

Floral attire and straw hats desirable but not compulsory!

Sat 20 June 2015:  Edible flowers will be incorporated into the free PACT lunch served at at www.EdibleLandscapesLondon.org.uk plant nursery & training centre in Finsbury Park N4. Exact location here. Open all day, come along any time to help prepare lunch, volunteer at the nursery, or just wander round and enjoy finding out about it. Obviously Finsbury Park is great to explore too.  Lunch itself will be served around 4pm

We’ll be talking, admiring and tasting all kinds of edible flowers. We all know about broccoli, but there are plenty of other flowers out there waiting to be eaten.
Of course – be sensible and do your research, as not all flowers are edible,and definitely don’t eat flowers from florists – horrible treatments will have been used.

Tips to inspire you:

  • Seasonal edible flowers: Campanula, Courgettes, Nasturtium, Jasmine and of course broccoli…
  • Just eat the petals: Rose, Dandelion, Pot marigold
  • Try elderflower champagne, cordial & fritters
  • Lime (linden) and chamomile flowers are perfect for herbal infusions


 You can view & print our Edible Flower display docs here 


Further reading:

  • The Organic Salad Garden by Joy Larkcom. Good chapter on edible flowers. Good book anyway.
  • Plants for a Future by Ken Fern

Read online:


  • The Plant-Lore & Garden-Craft of Shakespeare, by Henry Nicholson Ellacombe:  The Fig, as we eat it, is neither fruit nor flower, though partaking of both, being really the hollow, fleshy receptacle enclosing a multitude of flowers, which never see the light, yet come to full perfection and ripen their seed. The Fig stands alone in this peculiar arrangement of its flowers, but there are other plants of which we eat the unopened or undeveloped flowers, as the Artichoke, the Cauliflower, the Caper, the Clove, and the Pine Apple.
  • Article on the world’s oldest clove tree
  • Listen to the Food Programme on Cloves & how we sought this & other spices with ‘cruelty, violence & greed’


3:30pm on 21 June 2014
Join us for a floral tea party with Abundance London,
hosted by Hammersmith Community Gardens Association in the beautiful Ravenscourt glasshouses of Ravenscourt Park, W6 0UL.  The glasshouses are next to the cafe. Map of the park here and directions to the cafe here.
It might be a bit hot for tea, so we’ll also serve cold drinks.
Everyone welcome. No charge.
Want to contribute but not sure how? Call Gemma 078 06 87 05 05

Saturday 15th June 2013 in Regents Park NW1: joint celebration with the Regent’s Park Allotment Garden from 11am – 4pm
Tasting table:

  • dips with herb & allium flowers
  • locally picked jasmine & linden blossom herbal teas
  • locally picked meadowsweet, elderflower & rose petal cordials
  • saffron biscuits with rose petal icing
  • clove biscuits with elderflower icing

Saturday 16th June 2012 at 1pm @ MOP

Saturday 18th June 2011 at 1pm @ MOP