Plums – July

This page is no longer being updated. But the plums are still there to be picked.

Our traditional cherry-plum harvest on Tottenham Marshes, 3rd Saturday of July


So here we go, same as usual:

  • Bring containers to carry your harvest home – easy to forget!
  • Bring any plum-related food, drink, prose, poetry, pictures etc you’d like to share – Kiraz started this tradition with her 2010 plum poem.
  • Bring something to eat & drink if you’d like to picnic
  • We’ll be outside and have no back-up plans for wet weather.

As usual, meet at Stonebridge Lock Car Park N17 0XD off Watermead Way at 1pm.
W3 bus stops near-ish. If you’re driving you may find many of us grateful for lifts.
Contact Phil 07973 733 239

In previous years…

Tottenham Marshes on Sat 16 July 2011.


We’ll take a photo for the CCC ‘Zero Carbon Britain Day‘. It would be brilliant if you could bring props like snorkels or swimming goggles or flippers! We’ll be posing, not actually getting in the water…


Please respect the Urban Harvest environmental ethos and try to avoid disposables.
Whether eating off a large leaf or a tin plate or antique china; human beings have been happily picnicing for thousands of years without paper plates and plastic cups. We’d all like to live on a non-disposable planet where resources are respected and landfill is minimised so let’s try to be the change we want to see in the world.
Vegan, locally sourced food in reusable containers is obviously the ideal planet-saving fodder, but don’t let that frighten you. If you just feel like eating crisps or plums that’s ok too.