Food from Trees

Food from Trees

17 Jan 2015: A walk in the park discussing food from trees, with winter tree ID too, followed by relevant nibbles. Meet outside Bruce Castle Museum N17 at 1pm.

Get more friendly with trees: Haringey Tree Wardens group is the local branch of the Tree Warden Scheme which was started by the Tree Council.

There are plenty of organisations promoting the ecological & nutritional advantages of tree foods:

The Movement for Compassionate Living is an optimistic organisation promoting tree-based diet & culture.  Read its informative leaflet about ‘Abundant Living in the Coming Age of the Tree’ here

– A classic text (and a great read) : ‘Tree Crops: A Permanent Agriculture’ by J.Russell Smith.  Read about the book here.  It’s available free online here.  And here’s a place to buy it avoiding the evil amazon:

– Local film maker Michael Goldwater made this short film on tree foods in Burkina Faso for, which promotes tree-based farming in Africa

– If you’ve got far too much time on your hands, here are some FAO papers to look at:  Non-Wood Forest Products from Temperate Broad-Leaved TreesNon-wood forest products from conifersFAO Forests, Trees & Food.

– Also, see pages on this website about chestnuts, acorns, conifers,  elderflowers,  as well as the fruit harvesting and apple day celebration.