About Us

Streets & gardens are full of unharvested fruit. Perhaps the trees are too big, the people too busy, the supermarket too easy   .  .  .   Let’s harvest and redistribute unwanted fruit and go on foraging walks to learn about the abundance of edible plants around us.

Urban Harvest is a free, informal network based in North London for people interested in picking fruit & other local food.

To join our mailing list, or with any other enquiry, email info@urbanharvest.org.uk.

Read more here about how to use our resources.

From September 2010 to December 2015 we held a free monthly activity on the theme of foraging / fruit picking / food processing / food tasting. (Here’s a list) Our Apple Day celebration will continue on the 3rd Saturday of every October, as will the fruit harvesting in local gardens. Any new activities will be publicised on the calendar or mailing list.

Find out about other ‘Abundance’ groups at www.AbundanceNetwork.org.uk

Who are we?

  • We believe that exploring neglected local food resources is fun and environmentally sound
  • We’re interested in helping like-minded people network with each other
  • We’re not interested in selling you anything and we’re not a membership organisation. We don’t have money, as that would involve loads of red tape.
  • Anyone is welcome to join in. We have no intention of taking out insurance or becoming a formal organisation. We expect you to take responsibility for yourself!

Urban Harvest principles

  • Enjoy ourselves
  • Refuse before reuse before recycle before landfill. No disposables
  • Although we’re not all vegan, please respect the sensibilities of those who are. So we forage for nuts, but not squirrels.

icon UH literature  And check out our printable flyers 

Local Groups connected with Urban Harvest

  • Sustainable Haringey is an independent informal network for everybody wanting to make Haringey more sustainable. 
  • Priory Common Orchard public community garden in N8 planted to encourage people to learn about urban harvesting
  • Edible Landscapes London is a volunteer-led tree nursery which aims to populate our landscape with low-maintenance edible and useful plants, and teach people how to grow and care for them: Planting the foraging of the future

For more harvest and apple related events in London, please visit The Urban Orchard Project

Note we’re about food, not herbal remedies. For herbalism, try HedgeHerbs.org.uk & the HerbalBarge.co.uk