Dry Fruit

Sat 19 Sep 1pm: Dehydrator demonstration @ Green Lens Studios N4 All welcome.

Dehydrating fruit is fantastic. Probably the most environmentally friendly and easy preservation method.

It’s also very economical (once you have your dehydrator..)
Getting hold of a dehydrator is a matter of time & effort versus money. As are many things in life.


We have two dehydrators you can borrow. See the Resources page for details.


Dehydrators can cost from £40 to £400.
This site sells a range of dehydrators online: http://www.ukjuicers.com/dehydrators
This site seems to sell the cheapest dehydrator: www.westfalia.net £40 including delivery.
I’ve got a flashy Excalibur, which is brilliant, but the timer packed up pretty quickly so I wouldn’t waste the extra money on that.

external image soldryer.jpgAlternatives to buying a dehydrator:

  • You can use a warm airy place in your house – over a stove, or in front of a sunny window
  • You can build your own dehydrator, solar or lightbulb-powered.


  • Over-ripe pear slices dry like toffee. Very nice.
  • Thinner apple slices dry faster, but if too thin they stick to the mesh of the dehydrator trays