Harvest surplus fruit

It would be great to get to the point where streets or neighbourhoods just see it as a natural thing to collect and distribute all this unwanted food themselves.”  Daniele Rinaudo, coordinator of Abundance Sheffield (showing the way since 2007)

Got too much fruit, or not enough? Get in touch.
The idea is to link up volunteer pickers with people who have more than they can harvest.

We publicise pickings through the mailing list. So if you want more information you can email info@urbanharvest.org.uk or contact Gemma on 078 06 87 05 05

When volunteers pick surplus fruit in people’s gardens the format we’ve used is: The householder gets first choice of the harvest, then the pickers, then the remainder is juiced or given away. But you can organise it however you like.

You may want to leaflet your area to find out if people have spare fruit. Here’s an OLD sample leaflet

There are lots of other fruit harvesting (‘Abundance’) projects in London.
www.AbundanceNetwork.org.uk is a website set up to bring together the fruit-harvesting groups that are proliferating over the place.

Do you know of any tall fruit trees in the N4 area?
The Castle Climbing Centre can supply intrepid pickers and offers a share of the juice from their new apple press.
Contact Ida: email ida@castle-climbing.co.uk, tel 07930 927979.

Here are some famous fellow-harvesters:

On film:

Fruit picking in the press: