Sap tapping

external image IMAG0100%252012-10-2012%252008-13-28.jpgWe gave it a go in Spring 2011.
It was fun to try but reducing the sap to usable syrup is too energy intensive to make it worthwhile…

However in Spring 2012 Dick Harris kindly supplied us with 4 bottles of delicious birch sap wine that he brewed in N8 from birch sap tapped in N10!


Sap tapping on youtube:

quote from:
We had a go at tapping birch again and the tree generously gave up some refreshing liquid. We also tapped Hornbeam which is a first for me. The sap came out just as fast but I noticed it wasn’t quite as sweet as birch sap but just as refreshing.


Acorn summer rolls by Andy Pattenden

(much admired at the UH winter party 2013)

You will need a packet of rice paper, available from south east asian grocers’ shops.You dip them in warm water for about 5 seconds after which they become pliable.
Mix your salad leaves, chopped or not according to your preference. Your can then add other ingredients according to what is available and what you like. I think the addition of some combination of fruit and chopped nuts works quite well though, and there are lots of potential permutations. I used acorn and quince in some of mine.
I usually then add a salad dressing, which is also often made using a flavoured vinegar such as elderberry or blackberry.
Place some of the mixture at the edge of one of the rolls that have been softened in warm water. Fold in the edges and then roll up so that you end up with a fat cigar shape with the salad mixture encased in the rice paper.

Acorn crackers & acorn pate featured at the 2011 Christmas Potluck party

Nettle pate with acorn crackers, nettle quiche and wild leaf salad with raw nettle and tahini dressing

Acorn and oat crackers:

  • mix ground leached* acorns & (fine) oatmeal & a pinch of salt
  • add cold water to make a dough
  • roll out on baking tray
  • score into cracker sizes
  • bake 200C for about 10 min, turn over for another 5

*leaching is removing the bitter tannins by soaking in water

Acorn cookies & icecream, by Gemma McDermott, Oct 2013

Ingredients – 1/2 cup acorn butter, 1/2 cup dates, 1/2 cup cashews, some pumpkin seeds/cacao/hazelnuts – probably amounting to about 1/2 cup, little bit of water and coconut oil, & a handful of oats too as it seemed a bit wet..

For the ice cream, basically I put the mixture in the freezer and now I’m waiting – it tasted like a delicious chocolate mousse before it went in!!!
I’m going to try doing a mix of acorn and chestnuts next and bake it – see if I can make a loaf from completely local bits…although might need some dates to bind it

Oktoberfest: Sustainable Edition

Sunday 12th October 2014, 7–10pm

A festival with free home-made booze, music and dancing.  Bring your fermentation experiments, or just come & try other people’s.  Contributions of vegan (or veg) finger food welcome. Displays by local groups. Hornsey Vale Community Centre, 60 Mayfield Road, N8 9LP.