Seasonal stuff

Monthly events finished in 2015. This page is no longer being updated.

This is the pattern of our regular activities. Always the 3rd Saturday of the month, with a few extra workshops  and other dates too.  Usually there’s plenty of fruit & nut picking going on from August to October. And sometimes we have tea parties.

Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr  – Foraging, herbal teaspine trees

MayNettles or elderflowers

JunEdible Flower celebration

Jul – Plum picking on Tottenham Marshes

Aug – Usually fruit harvesting

SepAutumn Berries or foraging

Oct – Apple Day celebration

NovEnglish exotics, or acorns, or foraging

Dec – Potluck Party

Plus Food from Trees

Occasional Blog

Previous activities ..

Dec 2015 Cocktail party
Nov 2015 Acorn workshop N8
Oct 2015 Apple Day Celebration N8
Sep 2015 Dehydrator workshop N4
Aug 2015 Seasonal crumble making at Downhills Pk Cafe
Jul 2015 Cherry-plum picking at Tottenham Marshes N17
Jun 2015 Edible Flowers Lunch N4
May 2015 Enjoying elderflowers & nettles NW6
Apr 2015 Walk on Leyton and Walthamstow Marshes E10
Mar 2015 Foraging walk & feasting N17
Feb 2015 Growing perennial Alliums for year-round harvesting N8
Jan 2015 Food from Trees walk in Bruce Castle Pk N17
Dec 2014 Potluck party
Nov 2014 Foraging walk
Oct 2014 Apple Day Celebration N8
Sep 2014 Foraging walk – Springfield Park E5
Aug 2014 Herbal tea party N10
Jul 2014 Cherry-plum picking at Tottenham Marshes N17
Jun 2014 Floral tea party in Ravenscourt Park W6
May 2014 Elderflowers with Transition Leytonstone
Apr 2014 Walk on Leyton and Walthamstow Marshes E10
Mar 2014 Spring Harvest – dressing our greens at the Meadow Orchard Project N8
Feb 2014 Free tea – walk and tasting in the garden of the Castle Climbing Centre N4
Jan 2014 Foraging walk N8
Dec 2013 Potluck party hosted by Cath
Nov 2013 Foraging walk – winter greens
Oct 2013 Apple Day Celebration N8 + English exotics roundup session
Sep 2013 Introduction to English exotics – service fruit, medlars, haws, chestnuts, acorns, gingko
Aug 2013 can’t remember what we did!
Jul 2013 Cherry-plum picking at Tottenham Marshes
Jun 2013 Edible Flower celebration
May 2013 Natural dyes & fibres workshop
Apr 2013 Nettle celebration
Mar 2013 Alliums & spring greens
Feb 2013 Conifer walk
Jan 2013 Herbal teas
Dec 2012 Potluck party
Nov 2012 Foraging walk for winter greens
Oct 2012 Apple Day Celebration + English Exotic fruit event
Sep 2012 Red berry walk + chesnuts & acorns session
Aug 2012 Harvesting fruit
Jul 2012 Cherry-plum picking at Tottenham Marshes
Jun 2012 Edible Flower celebration with floral cocktails
May 2012 Elderflowers
Apr 2012 Spring foraging on the Parkland Walk
Mar 2012 Nettle Celebration at Green Lens Studios
Feb 2012 Know your Alliums at Stroud Grn Library
Jan 2012 Winter salad challenge at Edible Landscapes London
Dec 2011 Potluck party
Nov 2011 Winter salad hunting
Oct 2011 Apple Day Celebration
Sep 2011 Apple picking and pressing at Well-Oiled Festival N4
Aug 2011 Harvesting fruit
Jul 2011 Foraging and cherry-plum picking at Tottenham Marshes
Jun 2011 Edible Flower celebration at the Meadow Orchard Project
May 2011 Nettle Celebration at Tottenham Marshes
Apr 2011 Walk in Alexandra Pk N8
Mar 2011 Hogweed, on the Parkland Walk
Feb 2011 Walk on Hampstead Heath
Jan 2011 Walk in Finsbury Park
Dec 2010 Snowed off
Nov 2010 Walk in CREOS
Oct 2010 Apple Day Celebration
Sep 2010 Pop-up apple pressing stunt in Crouch End
Oct 2009 1st Apple Day Celebration